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Ways to Help Your Aging Parents Keep Their Brains Sharp

Ways to Help Your Aging Parents Keep Their Brains Sharp

As your parents get older, many changes occur in their bodies. Physical changes often put limitations on what they can do. That is the reason why many older adults take advantage of home care services in New Jersey.

But these changes do not only pertain to the physical aspect. Your aging parents’ mental capacities may also suffer. You can help keep their brains sharp through the following tips:

  • Encourage them to continue learning.
    Whether it is a new skill, an instrument, or a hobby, continuous learning helps improve and maintain mental functioning. A home health aide in Springfield, New Jersey, can help get the learning materials your loved ones may need.
  • Let them write down what they remember.
    If they are having issues with their memories, tell them to write down what they remember. Doing so may also make them enjoy writing. Writing can help create new paths in the brain and improve its functionality.
  • Urge them to use all of their senses.
    A lot of people tend to associate something with odor or taste. Some may remember an event just by hearing a word. Your parents can stay mentally sharp by using all senses.

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