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Dealing with Agitation in Seniors with Dementia

Dealing with Agitation in Seniors with Dementia

Dementia can alter a lot in terms of a person’s mental faculties. These changes often lead families to take advantage of home care services in New Jersey.

One of the most common changes is in their behaviors. Many seniors with dementia become agitated frequently. A home health aide in Springfield, New Jersey will know how to handle this. But if you find yourself being in that situation with aging loved ones, here are ways on how you can deal with their agitation.

  • Reduce noise and chaos in the home.
    Too much noise can confuse seniors. This confusion can lead to agitation because they don’t know what is going on.As much as possible, limit the number of people in the room where they’re at. Lower down the TV or radio volume. Remove clutter and keep their things organized.
  • Never restrain your loved ones when they are agitated.
    Instead, use your gentle touch and reassuring voice. Play soothing music or encourage them to take a quick walk outside.
  • Avoid serving foods that can spike their energy.
    These foods include those with high sugar and caffeine content. A home health aide in Livingston, New Jersey can help you figure out which foods are good for your loved ones.
  • Use distractions.
    Make your loved ones forget about the incident that agitated them. Use distractions such as snacks or their favorite hobby.

Aquinas Healthcare understands what seniors with dementia are going through. If you need help in dealing with and caring for them, don’t hesitate to call us!

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