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Benefits of Home Health Care

Home Health Care can be a tremendous advantage for those people who do not need continuous nursing care and who wish to be cared for at home. It is the place where family, friends, and familiar surroundings make you feel most comfortable. If the loved one can be cared for at home, they are able to maintain a greater sense of privacy and dignity, and may still “call the shots” to a greater extent about their personal choices regarding meals, schedules and other activities of daily living.

When a loved one is aging and has an acute or chronic illness, it is critical that they receive appropriate nutrition, medication, rest, and medical supervision. For many people, home health care workers can help loved ones maintain their level of wellness for a longer period of time. Research shows that even for those living with chronic illness or disability, living at home is often the best option for physical and mental well being. It can be difficult to quantify the advantages of companionship for someone needing home health care, but research indicates that social isolation can do as much harm to someone’s health as smoking.

Home Health Care services can also be beneficial when a family member has serious medical needs and loved ones need to work, or enjoy some time away from care giving responsibilities. Home health care staff can help caregivers avoid missing family time, children’s activities, and help reduce stress associated with caring for a loved one.

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